How to Convert Google Forms to PDF? (4 ways)

PDF format remains the most acceptable and popular file type for professionals and individuals. So, it shouldn’t be surprising if Google Forms users want to convert google forms to PDF. Besides, when utilizing digital forms to gather information, there might be occasions where you wish to distribute the form responses either digitally or as hard copies.

PDF lets you do it either way! In a PDF format, you can easily and neatly print out a hard copy, or PDFs can be sent via email or social platforms. When it comes to PDF documents if you use Adobe Acrobat (it is the most common and widely used PDF file reader) then you get the added benefit of adding digital signatures without going through a long and complicated procedure. 

Therefore, converting google forms to pdf is a practical solution for sharing responses or hard copies. In this blog, we will discuss how to save Google Forms as pdf and also other aspects to share google forms as pdf.

Transforming your Google Form to PDF

If you want to share hard copies of the Google form with your students or even to people who don’t have access to the internet for surveys or anything else. Then you can do that! Just like respondents answering in Google forms online, they will do it physically. 

  • Create your form, go to Google Forms, choose blank form/quiz
  • Set up that form with all questions and settings. 
  • If you already have a form created of which you want to create – just select that,
  • Click on these dots at the upper right corner, select the ‘Print’ option, or just enter CTRL/Command + P button
  • Most modern browsers provide you with the ‘save to pdf’ option. Select that option if not already selected.
  • Then click on Save, the final outcome will appear as a PDF document to share with anyone you want to or print out afterward. Otherwise, you can directly print out the form without saving it in the PDF format.

Converting Google Forms all responses to PDF

If you just want to view the responses and analyze them afterward then instead of Google form pdf, only responses can be saved to PDF format. It may not be practical if you have a large number of responses – maybe hundreds or thousands. 

However, if you want to have a document of all responses in one PDF, then this option is open. 

  • Once you have got all the responses, go to the Responses tab 
  • Click on the three dots at the corner beside ‘Link Sheet’ 
  • Select the Print all responses option and then save the pdf file.

Converting forms summary to PDF format

Google Forms have a basic, lightweight, analytics-style overview of responses in the form of a Summary. It provides a summary of all the responses to each question in graph format which can be copied and pasted to a document or presentation of any sort. However, we can convert summary stats to pdf format quickly. 

  • Go to the Responses tab, the Summary sub-tab should already be selected
  • To print the summary or save it as PDF, what you’ve to do is select CTRL/Command + P
  • A new tab will open with the preview of the summary, again press CTRL/Command + P to open the printing dialogue page. 
  • Save it to PDF
google forms-to-pdf

Converting individual responses to PDF

Sometimes you might want to just share the document of a specific individual response that stands out and keep that only. Then saving the list of all responses as a pdf will be quite mindless and too much to handle in itself. Instead, you can just convert individual responses from google forms to pdf. 

  • Go to the Responses tab, select the Individual sub-tab, you will see individual respondent responses that can go back & forth between all the responses.
  • Select the response you want to print by its number and navigate to the response by using the left-right (back & forth) arrows. Or just type the specific number to directly jump to the desired response.
  • Click on the printer icon, follow the same steps as above, and Save the pdf format.


Can I save a Google Form as a PDF?

Yes, you can easily save a Google form that you’ve created to a PDF. Whether you want to print out forms and distribute them to people that don’t have internet access or just want to keep a document of the form for tests/quizzes in education institutes. It is conveniently possible to convert forms into PDFs.

How do I turn a form into PDF?

It is easy to turn a form into PDF, go to Google Forms, select the form you want to convert to PDF or create one. Then, click on this icon ⋮ at the top right corner, select the Print option, and save it to PDF. There are different ways to convert google forms to PDF, check out our ” How to convert Google Forms to PDF?” article to know more

Can you save a fillable form as a PDF?

Absolutely! You can save a fillable form as a PDF. To do so, click this icon ⋮ in the Google form, select the ‘get pre-filled form‘, fill the form, and click CTRL/Command + P. Save the form as PDF!

Wrap-Up – Enhance Google Forms by incorporating Google add-ons

Here we come to an end, these are all the different ways to convert Google forms to pdf. Whether it is about converting responses, stats, or the whole Google form itself, the process doesn’t take more than a minute to do so.

If you’re using Google Forms a lot or you’ve recently started using it then you must know that there are add-ons available in Google Marketplace that provides for all the gaps that Google tools have. For instance, in Google Forms, we don’t get a timer or online proctor feature as default but if you often use gforms for educational purposes then a countdown timer might be a limitation that you want to not face.

But don’t worry, we have it here an add-on that not only provides a countdown timer feature but also online proctoring functionality as well. ExtendedForms is a google forms add-on available in Google Marketplace for free to install, both the features mentioned are free to use but it has other features that come under paid plans. 

You can check out the ExtendedForms website and even try the two main features by just signing up for the website.

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