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How to Connect Google Forms to Discord? [3 Ways]

In today’s digital age, data collection, communication, and community engagement are paramount. Google Forms is a versatile tool for gathering information and feedback, while Discord serves as a hub for online communities and discussions. 

Imagine the possibilities when you combine these two powerful platforms. In this guide, we will show you how to connect Google Forms to Discord seamlessly. This integration allows you to effortlessly collect data from your audience and share it with your Discord community, enhancing interaction. 

Whether you’re organizing events, or simply seeking a streamlined way to manage your Discord server, these steps will unlock the full potential of these tools. Join us as we explore the methods for connecting Google Forms to Discord, revolutionizing how you gather and share information in your online space.

Three ways to connect Discord with Google Forms

Here I will take you through three ways to connect Google Forms to Discord. Each way is easy and quick to use to integrate both tools, however, you will need an external platform and add-on help to achieve the integration of Google Forms with Discord. Let’s look into each of them.

1. Connect Forms with Discord using Webhook

The first way in our understanding to connect Google Forms to Discord is by installing an add-on. But, also using Webhook integration in Discord. It is not as complex as it may sound, the process is simple when we know what and how to do it.

To connect Google Forms Discord, we will first create a Webhook in Discord;

  • Create a channel where you want form submissions to turn up. Click on the Edit channel (gear icon)
  • Go to Integrations > Create Webhook. A webhook will be created.
  • Now, moving towards creating your Google Form. Click on the More (⋮) > Get add-ons. Search for the Document Studio add-on and install the app.
  • Return to Google Forms, navigate to the puzzle-piece icon name Add-ons, and select Document Studio.
  • A pop-up box will appear, click on “Create Workflow,” then give an appropriate name to the workflow.
  • Cick on “Continue” and move to the next stage i.e, Conditions. Select a Google Forms trigger; whether you want to process all form responses or specific responses.
  • Then under the “Tasks” stage, choose Discord, copy the Webhook URL from Discord and paste it here.
  • Add a message that you want to appear in your Discord channel. Click on the three horizontal lines with the downward arrow icon on the right side. From that dropdown menu choose the customizable fields.
  • Click Done and then Continue to the next panel i.e, Save. Make sure you’ve checked the “Run on Form Submit” option.
  • Click on Save and your workflow will be complete. Now you can open a Google Form and submit a response, the bot you created will send a message to your discord channel. 

2. Use Zapier to connect discord with forms

There is also a second way to connect Google Forms to Discord and it is through the integration of Zapier. Zapier is an automation platform that works to provide streamlined workflows specific to your needs and roles. These automated workflows created in the app are termed Zaps.

To create these zaps, users need to first start with a trigger; it is an event that starts an automation. Say you want to send messages in Discord whenever a new Google Forms response is received.

So the trigger would be ‘new form response.’ Then the next step is action; it is an event that automation performs after it is triggered. In this case, the action will be ‘send channel message.’

that’s how you create a zap; which includes one trigger and more than one action – that connects your apps. Using Zapier doesn’t require any coding, so the process can be simple for tech or non-tech people.

However, you can go through the Zapier Learn page to know in detail how to go through the process of automation.

You can visit this page to – connect Google Forms to Discord in various ways, they have all these templates that you can use. Zapier has a 14-day trial for premium features and apps.

3. Using custom script via GitHub

There is a third way to connect Google Forms to Discord by using a custom script. This way is suitable for people who know how to code because, through the custom script process, you’ll be required to add code to the script editor.

In this process, users can connect automatically Google Forms to Discord via Github. If you are a developer or generally in tech then you know what is github; it is a code hosting platform for collaboration and version control. Anyone can work from anywhere together through Github.

So, to send responses from forms to Discord through Github, you will need to access the Google Forms script editor. Check out this – Github link to know the process and copy the script.

In brief let’s go through the steps;

  • Create a Google Forms, navigate to the Script editor from the More option
  • Paste the google script.js content from GitHub in the script editor
  • Open Discord, create a channel to where you’d like to send responses. Create a webhook (follow the first procedure) and copy the URL.
  • Replace the WEBHOOKURL at the top of the script in the editor with the copied URL
  • Add a trigger by selecting the current project’s triggers and creating a new trigger (settings shown in the GitHub link mentioned).
  • Submit a test response to make sure this works

Why connect Google Forms to Discord?

Automated Data Collection: Integrating Google Forms with Discord streamlines data collection processes. Responses submitted through Google Forms can be automatically transmitted to Discord

Efficient Event Management: If you’re organizing events within your Discord server, connecting Google Forms allows participants to register seamlessly.

Community Building: This integration also contributes to community building. It encourages active participation and collaboration, enhancing the sense of belonging among your Discord members.


In conclusion, connecting Google Forms to Discord is a powerful way to streamline data collection and foster community engagement. By automating the transfer of information from forms to the Discord server, you can build a more informed and engaged community. 

By following the steps outlined in our guide, you can harness the full potential of these platforms and create a more dynamic and interactive online space. 

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