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10 Google Forms Quiz Examples To Inspire Your Own

Remember the times we used to fill out quizzes in magazines every week? And how many times through those quizzes have you learned about whether you’re an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert? What celebrity you’d look like? what do your friends think about you? your vacation goals, and more. 

Here, in this blog post, I am going to show you different Google Forms quiz examples that are used by many companies for their own and their audience’s interests. 

There’s no doubt that quizzes have always been fun and engaging to pour your time and energy into. This is why apart from just entertainment, they have made their entry into the business world. ‘How’ if you might ask? It helps brands generate email leads, and recommend your brand products/services. Besides, based on the surveys and articles interactive content has 2× more engagement than static content. Hence, the trend of quizzes, and here are different quizzes that can inspire you to create your own.

Google Forms Quiz Examples

1. Harry Potter Trivia Quiz Challenge

A trivia quiz is an interactive and fun way to test your knowledge on various topics. Trivia quizzes can be timed or no-timed based on your mood. Here is one of the famous Google Forms quiz examples from trivia quiz type – Harry Potter Trivia Quiz. If you love the Harry Potter series, you yourself will love taking such quizzes and creating one for your audience. 

This Google quiz contains several questions related to the Harry Potter series and can have different question styles. Your Google form quiz questions and answers can contain well-known questions but also questions that a true ‘Potterhead’ will only know about. You can also add a timer add-on to it like – “Can you ace this Harry Potter trivia quiz? I would be surprised if you can get 6/10 correct answers in one minute.” 

In Harry Potter’s Google quiz, you can along with grading points also provide feedback for incorrect and correct answers. If you’ve provided feedback for incorrect answers then you’ll receive feedback only if your answer is wrong and the same goes for correct feedback answers. You can, however, add both incorrect and correct feedback, it will show the one based on your answer.

2. Know Your Personality Quiz

So, the personality quiz is one of the most common types of quizzes we come across often. There are different types of personality quizzes that you can make whether it’s for job applications, counseling purposes, entertainment purposes, or personality quizzes to generate leads/sales for your brand. You can surely make Google quizzes of such type in two ways. The first way would be to design a quiz in which results can be collected for you to study, respondents wouldn’t get feedback immediately. Rather, the results would be sent to you for you to evaluate the personality traits. Such as job applications, counseling, students’ entrance tests, etc. 

Then there is another more fun, common type of personality quiz. It would be to design quizzes so that respondents get immediate feedback based on their answers. In Google Forms, you can provide feedback through scores. (e.g.: if you get a score >10 then you are an introvert, a 10-20 score means you’re an ambivert). Although there are points assigned to each question in a quiz, there are no right or wrong answers. Besides, it would make more sense to create Google quiz questions and answers as Yes/No type for the second personality type. 

3. Flags of the World Quiz

Flags of the World Quiz is quite self-explanatory and when we talk about this quiz, what comes to our mind?  Too many twisted questions, and choices, too intriguing, and probably various emotions that spring with such types of Google Forms quiz examples. Likewise, the Flags of the World quiz has lots of questions and types. With this quiz, we not only test our geography knowledge but also learn a lot about different countries and their flags. Quite a win-win situation.

To create a Flag-of-the-World quiz, you must prepare a solid questionnaire statement, it’s crucial for every quiz. Especially in such types of quizzes, you don’t want your audience to get bored. To restrain dull quizzes, you can add gifs and images. Other than creating close-ended questions, the Flag of the World quiz is also famous for having open-ended questions and answer types.

You can add questions like – Which country has the flag green, white, and red color vertically, Which country’s flag has been recently renewed out of all these? (multiple choose), The Albanian flag features an eagle – How many heads have it got? You can add a timer to the quiz with an add-on, to make it competitive (for oneself), and engaging. 

4. E-commerce/Product Lead Generation Quiz

E-commerce/Product lead generation quizzes are another Google form quiz example. They are a great way to engage your audience and gather leads/information through interactive content, on top of giving consumers information/recommendations about their products.

Quizzes are not only interactive but helpful for e-commerce stores as they are tailored to individuals taking the quiz. For example, Spongellé, is a personal care brand that has created quizzes for more opt-ins. Besides, such a product recommendation quiz creates Google quiz questions & answers that market your brand products but also recommend to consumers products fit for them based on the result. With that, they ask for signups to your newsletters, etc.   

You can through the Google Forms quizzes create one such type of interactive content with the help of a suitable add-on. One such tool is the ‘Fyrebox’ add-on, it is a perfect add-on to make a quiz for your website whether to generate leads, teach students or just entertain. You can use the last page of your quiz to encourage users to take action like redirecting to your website, asking for emails for in-depth results, or redirecting to your social media platform. 

6. Reasoning Quiz

Have you ever taken a reasoning test or quiz? I think we all might have at some point taken part in this type of quiz/test. So, we know these quizzes spark interest. Especially calling all analytic minds out there, this reasoning quiz is perfect for all of them. There are different logical reasoning quizzes like abstract reasoning quizzes, verbal reasoning quizzes, analogical reasoning, cause & effect, and more. 

You can create any type of reasoning quiz for your audience. For instance, logical reasoning test: “Look at this series: 7, 10, 8, 11, 9, 12, … What number should come next?, “Which word could mean “cloud nine”? Such types of questions and more you will find in reasoning quizzes. You can create different types of questions that include images or illustrations, multiple-choice questions, and dropdowns. 

Reasoning Quiz/test is mostly used for competitive exams, assessments, and job interviews. 

5. Digital Marketing Quiz

Digital marketing is omnipresent, since the dawn of the technology era advertising has had to step up in its marketing game or get left behind. Hence, why do we see lots of pop-ups when visiting a website, Facebook ads, etc. However, the point here is are you one of those digital marketing experts? Do you know when and where to place an ad? Or are you prepared for all the digital pool of mind games, glamour, and tricks? 

For these questions to be cleared, digital marketing Google quizzes and tests are created. Providing this quiz to the audience will help you/them test their/your digital marketing knowledge. It is necessary to stay updated with the latest algorithms and this trivia quiz can do in the case of digital marketing. 

You can create your own Google quiz through Google Forms. Add points to questions, provide answer feedback, and you can even make it a marketing strategy by collecting emails (if you provide the same services). You can go about your questions like The best way to improve search engine ranking is with? The main objective of the branding is? etc.

7. Historical and Modern Slang Quiz

Historical and Modern Slang Quiz is another trend example. Slang (a term for short language) words are been used by people to communicate faster and more efficiently. Besides, it is been developing at a faster pace, however, many people don’t appreciate these kinds of terms. Slang is nothing new or wrong (in most cases). They have been used by many generations and many English terms have arrived through those slang words. 

A historical and Modern Slang quiz is a trivia or knowledge-type quiz that tests your knowledge of historical slang words and modern slang words. You can create your own different quizzes for historical and modern or you can put both in the same one. These quizzes can be taken by anyone who has knowledge or uses informal words to communicate. Mostly, a modern slang quiz is perfect for testing GenZ’s knowledge of slang words. For example: Do you know what ‘on fleek’ means? Pick some slang from the 50s.

8. Test Your Knowledge Quiz

Test your knowledge is basically a General Knowledge quiz that includes various topics like politics, pop culture, entertainment, fashion, travel, history, and more. This quiz can be taken by anyone based on the standard of the quiz. It can be made for students by teachers to test their GK, for the company’s target audiences, for competitive exams, etc. Age is not a barrier to taking any quiz. 

You can easily create a knowledge quiz in Google Forms and add a timer to it through an add-on to make it cooler. Besides, to create a good knowledge quiz preparing a smart questionnaire is crucial and that too depends on who your quiz takers are. You can include open-ended, multiple-choice, dropdown, true/false questions, or match the following types of questions. Besides, to make it more engaging try using illustrations, images, gifs, and videos.

9. Wellness Quiz

Wellness has become a bit of a cliche. Besides, the term means different to everyone. That’s because your own wellness can be affected by different aspects of life. Wellness involves physical, emotional, and mental health and the connection between these three. Just as we all have slightly different definitions for wellness, there are different wellness styles. A wellness Quiz can be created to know about your wellness type or created as a trivia quiz in general to gain knowledge about wellness/health. 

In Google Forms quizzes you can create wellness quizzes for your audience to test their knowledge of wellness/health-related. It will help them to understand where they are going wrong, you can even create a wellness quiz for them to test like a personality quiz, where you can give feedback based on scores. Besides, for the in-general wellness knowledge quiz, you can add incorrect/correct answers feedback. 

10. What’s Your Skin Score Quiz

Skin Score Quiz is one of the most trending digital marketing strategies by skincare/cosmetic brands. Every skin type is unique and nobody has the exact same skin. However, your skin might still fall under four main categories – dry, oily, combination, and sensitive. And for this purpose, skin score quizzes are taken to figure out how to characterize your skin to choose proper skincare. 

The skincare brands use a skin-score quiz to not tell people about their skin. But also generate leads and recommend their products to purchase. You can create interesting Google form skin score quiz questions. Which most closely describes the look of your pores?, How would you describe the shine of your skin? etc. 


Time to create your own Google Forms quiz examples, now that you’ve gotten to see a few examples that can be made in Google Forms. Moreover, even created by many brands/websites out there. You can even check these quiz examples and take quizzes for yourself to get more ideas about it. 

We hope these Google Forms quiz examples helped you come up with your own quiz idea. Google Forms is one of the simplest ways to create almost any type of quiz (just not so advanced right now). However, Google Forms has advanced tools – add-ons that can help you to make your Google Forms quiz engaging. 

One of the best countdown timers for Google Forms is ExtendedForms. ExtendedForms is one of the best google timer apps for Google Form. Whether you want to run any type of quizzes, assessments, or interview candidates, you can do it with the integrated 1-click, simple countdown timer for Google Forms.

The add-on offers the benefit of Classroom Integration, teams feature, and customized invitation and welcome message screen, transfer ownership, & much more. Besides, the ExtendedForms Pro features provide a fully-featured ‘Email Customization Tool’, get start/stop accepting responses timer, and also allow you to customize and shorten URLs for efficiency.

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