8 Trending Google Forms Quiz Add Ons

Most of us are familiar with the basics of Google Forms: how to create a form and how to add a variety of questions. But did you know that you can use add-ons to extend the functionality of your forms? There are lots to choose from, but this article will focus on top trending Google Forms Quiz Add-ons. 

I have curated the list based on their popularity and ranking in Google Marketplace. All of the add-ons mentioned in this blog post are useful for different purposes. It’s up to you for what requirement you need add-ons for. Whether you want to use google forms for quiz, use it to create workflows, or for other various purposes. These are some of the most trending Google Forms Quiz Add-ons used and loved by thousands of users.

Google Forms Quiz Add-ons

As we already know, Google Form Quiz is a free app that allows you to create quizzes in Google Forms. The app’s interface is simple and easy to navigate. You can use the drag-and-drop feature of Google Forms or add images, videos, links and attachments directly from your device storage. You can also edit questions on the go by using swipe gestures and move them around if you want them displayed in different parts of your quiz.

Google Forms functionality and purposes increases with the help of add-ons, in this article, I am going to discuss with you the best Google Forms Add-ons in the Google Marketplace. Let’s Start!

1. ExtendedForms

ExtendedForms is one of the best timer google form quiz add-on. Whether you want to run online tests, quizzes, or interview candidates, you can do it with the integrated 1-click, simple countdown timer for Google Forms. It’s hassle free, you have to just just install the add-on, configure basic settings like – time limit, restrict attempts, auto-submit and you are done! Your form is ready to be shared. 

Furthermore, the add-on has more to it, you get an intuitive dashboard that provides a summarised view of forms, responses, and last 10 responses, improved user experience. Apart from this, the add-on comes with many compatible and unique features that add to the ExtendedForms value. It offers the benefit of Classroom Integration, teams feature, and customised invitation and welcome message screen. 

The google forms add-on has a secure token with the help of which you can transfer ownership to anyone with an account. Besides, under ‘Form settings’ you can not only configure time limit, restrict attempts, or how you’ll share form. But you can also add specific response date/time, hide email-id from the form while taking the quiz. You can also change the form’s navigation and body background colour to give it a more custom feel. Plus, ExtendedForms comes with a custom branding feature that will give your form a more personalised touch. 

Now you can easily create google forms for a quiz or test with ExtendedForms add-on . 

2. Form Builder

Form Builder add-on helps you to build Google Form in a very simple and quick way by importing fields/quiz/questions from existing Google Sheets, Forms, Docs, and Slides. Adding this Google forms add-on you’ll never have to worry about creating google forms, quizzes or for any use cases manually. If you want to build quizzes, do so by importing from Google applications like Google Forms and Google Sheets. 

To use it, this forms quiz add-on lists all fields/questions from another source document and makes fields available for you to import into your Google Forms. Hence, you can easily select and import all or necessary fields/questions/quiz into Google form. Form Builder provides advanced customisation of the configurations to control the imports.

Apart from this, it has automatic mapping feature, it identifies the data with built-in intelligence engine from input automatically and maps with appropriate fields. It is only applicable for Google Sheets data. Form Builder comes with other features like – export form fields (questions) into Google apps, advanced features like ‘overwrite content and make options as.’ It is a perfect Google form add-on for quiz, survey, or other purposes to automate process quickly.

3. Form Approvals

Form Approvals is designed for use within organisations of all sizes to automate any process needing approval. The Google form add-on simplify the way you work and turns your Google Form submissions into an interactive workflow. This google form add-on provides you with a highly configurable workflow framework.

You can create multi-level workflow, set sequential approvals to ensure that executives are approving once endorsed by others. Further, the add-on includes routing conditions, i.e, you can set logic with your approvals to ensure approvers receive requests only when conditions are met. It also has the ability to set reminders and attach documents to the notifications.

Apart from them, it lets you add a group of recipients and have only one member of the group to respond. Manage forms, track requests and view form submission data from one convenient portal. You can set up the app by just adding approvers in your Google form and when form submissions are made, approvers will be emailed.

4. Portant Data Merge

With Portant Data Merge it’s time to transform the complexity and monotony of repetitive document into a well-planned workflow, so that you can work on other important things. It is developed to connect Google Forms & Sheets with Docs and Slides to create the custom solutions for your specific needs. The Google Form add-on is document automation solution that removes manual data entry.

Portant Data Merge automatically creates new documents when Google Form responses are submitted or Google Sheets are updated. It helps you to create custom email messages (Mail Merge), email notifications & document sharing through your email. Further, it allows you to automatically save documents & presentations as PDFs. Plus, you can create approval workflows using the ‘Form Edit response’ links and email conditional logic.

This Google form add-on can be use for different scenarios from project teams, HR teams, to education and teachers, and many more. Portant is a document merge and workflow add-on, perfect alternatives to ad-ons like Document Studio, Form Publisher, or Autocrat. Automate the boring stuff and create powerful document solution within Google Workspace using Portant.

5. Timer + Proctor

AutoProctor (aka Timer + Proctor) is another top Google Forms Quiz add-on that top charts. It is a timer add-on to a Google Forms Quiz, in addition to it also has the feature of automated proctoring (examining). With AutoProctor, the respondents will see countdown timer on opening the Google Forms. Apart from a test duration, you can also set a Start-End time for the test, which means users cannot access quiz/test before Start time or after End time. It is created to remotely give users the environment of physical examination with constant monitored by the add-on.

Furthermore, this google form add-on checks user’s environment and actions for cheating, such as, more than one face or accessing different tab. It tracks each trigger and documents to be reviewed manually later, like take a photo that you can review. Another feature, it generates Trust Score based on multiple tracked factors, higher trust score is proportionate to higher chances of student didn’t cheat in the test/quiz.

You can either create new test using its own testing software or link to quizzes you may have created on Google Forms, Microsoft Forms, etc. In just few clicks, you can schedule a test, get a link to share and once test is completed view reports of their performance along with trust score. This add-on increases the overall integrity of your Google Form Quiz/Test.

6. Free Icons, Photos & Illustrations (Icons8)

Do you want to make your Google Forms quiz, survey, test, feedbacks, or for anything interesting and engaging? Then, this Google forms add-on is what you might be needing. Icons8 provide free high-quality graphics, insert icons, illustrations, and photos in your Google forms, Docs, Slides or Sheets and enrich your document with meaningful visuals right on the go. The add-on has features which includes pixel-perfect 40+ styles icons, made by best icons designers.

Other than that, you get 3D and flat, created by top dribble artists – illustrations. Along with that, it also includes photos of various categories that are vector images (background-free elements). You can adjust icons & illustrations sizes and colors. The add-on is perfect for teachers, marketing & sales teams, analysts or data scientists, anyone who needs to create beautiful, insightful content.

Icons8 along with this add-on also provides free design tools for desktops – Lunacy (graphic design software with built-in assets) and Pichon (free desktop app with all their icons). If you visit its website, you’ll find more interesting features like face generator with AI, generated photos, etc.

7. Form Director

Form Director as the name suggests helps you to turn your Google Form submissions into Google Docs, Slides, Calendar, Sheets, Tasks, Contacts, Email notifications, Slack messages, Asana tasks, and much more. it works as an advanced Form Publisher with document publishing and more so advanced director integrations with G-Suite apps, productivity apps, communication tools, marketing apps, and more. Form Director is stacked with various key features that makes it so popular and highly rated google forms quiz add-on in the marketplace.

It has multiple service management feature that manages multiple services, switch on/off the required service and execute is whenever needed. Further, the add-on supports several formats that you can generate, store, and email Google Docs, Sheets, & Slides into. Other than that, it has comprehensive mapping infrastructure to map your form questions to that of application fields. You can also share generated files with multiple recipients with all access, send customised emails to your audience.

Form Director is built to be a powerful tool to make Google Form work in your way. Whether you want to make business proposal, generate invoice, book an appointment, or create records for each submission, Form Director can be used for multi purposes.

8. Signature (Bonus)

Just like the feature in PDF, we have here an add-on that will make your Google Forms authentic for businesses. You might be thinking how? With Signature, make your Google Forms work for you with real hand-drawing signatures on any device. It is a more modern, mobile-friendly signing experience, PDFs can be awkward to navigate on mobile and hence most of the time people sign without reading the document.

With Signature, they have prioritised greater interaction with the document and with less user effort. Besides, with this Google forms add-on you can make your Google forms, quiz, tests, or anything more authenticate than before. Apart from this, it also has a feature HTML signature for gmail (android) as Gmail doesn’t have that for android edition.

With this add-on you get 3 signatures for free when you install it and then each month they top it up with 3 more free. However, you can also buy more in the add-on, it also means add-on lets you use your own logo replacing theirs.


Just like I mentioned earlier, there are a lot of useful Google Forms add ons you can find in Google Workspace Marketplace, and with them you can add extra features to your forms. These Google forms quiz add-ons are used for different purposes from using it to run an interactive quiz in google forms, to sending email reminders when your form is submitted, to merge data, and much more. 

Hope you like our blog for the best google forms add-ons. Let us know about your preferences in the comment section, if you have used any of these or know about any other trending google forms add-ons. Let us know in the comment section and stay tuned for more such articles.

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