ExtendedForms Unveils – Time Limit Per Section Feature

ExtendedForms is proud to unveil its latest feature, the Time Limit per Section in Google Forms. This cutting-edge addition revolutionizes the way users interact with multi-section Google Forms by offering the capability to incorporate timers into each individual section.

With this feature, users can now enforce time limits for individual sections. Now, Google Forms users can not only add a countdown timer in forms but can also add a timer in every section if they want to. 

This feature not only empowers form creators but also significantly elevates the user experience, ensuring a more efficient and structured approach to gathering information through Google Forms. 

It’s time to advance your forms with a time limit per section feature! 

Enhancing Efficiency: Section-Based Timers in Action

The “Timer per Section” feature within ExtendedForms adds a distinctive layer of functionality that significantly enhances the performance of Google Forms. This integration of Google Forms and ExtendedForms is particularly valuable, notably for quizzes and assessments, where precision and structure are crucial.

Previously, ExtendedForms primarily served as a timer application. However, it has since evolved to offer users a diverse array of features to explore. Among these features, the ‘time limit per section’ functionality stands out as a key addition.

In the following sections, we will guide you through an explanation of how this feature operates and highlight the numerous advantages it brings to the table when it comes to using section-based time limits.

The Process

To enable this ‘time limit per section’ feature, first go to the Extended Forms dashboard. You can also through Google Forms > Add-ons > ExtendedForms > Configure > Responses procedure and go to the Extended Forms main settings. 

  1. Under the Forms section, open the potential multi-section Google Forms
  1. Then, navigate to the More [⋮] option, > Form Settings
  1. Under the ‘Time Limit’ option you’ll find the ‘Time limit per section’ checkbox if you tick the checkbox, then you can include a timer in each section.

Note – The ‘Hide Back’ button will be automatically enabled, which means participants while filling out the form will not be able to go back to the previous section, once the timer is over for the specific section. 

To get more accurate results, don’t make fields ‘required’ and don’t refresh the form page when submitting.

  1. From the ‘time limit’ settings (above the checkbox), you can configure the duration for all the sections. Besides you can even configure the timer duration beforehand.

Note – In this feature, right now you can only add the same time duration for each section, there is no function to configure a time limit individually for each section.

  1. Once you enable the ‘time-limit for each section’ settings, you’ll get two options to configure below the ‘Auto Submit’ settings.
  • Auto-Next and Auto-Submit at the End – If you opt for this option when the per-section timer expires, participants will be seamlessly transitioned to the subsequent section automatically.

By the end of the last section, your form will be auto-submitted once the timer ends. Besides, the ‘back’ button will be hidden and participants will no longer be able to go back to the previous section. 

  • Auto-Submit on Time Limit – Upon timer expiration, the form is automatically submitted. Nevertheless, should a user advance to the next section before the timer concludes for the current section, they will be granted the time duration allocated to the subsequent section to continue completing the form, and this process will continue for subsequent sections.
  1. After you’ve selected the settings, click on the ‘Update’ button and your form settings will be saved. You can then effortlessly share your Google Forms with participants. 

Benefits of Section-based timer

The benefits of adding a per-section timer are similar to adding an overall timer in any online form. However, the former function is a bit more rigorous and provides precision while collecting data. 

Let’s look into some of the benefits that will highlight the value of ExtendedForms’ new feature. 

  • Enhanced Time Management – Section-based timers help participants allocate their time efficiently, ensuring that they can complete each section within the specified timeframe.
  • Improved Focus – Participants are encouraged to stay on task and maintain concentration on each section, reducing distractions.
  • Smoother User Experience – The automatic transition to the next section upon timer expiration eliminates the need for manual navigation, creating a seamless and user-friendly experience.
  • Reduced Stress – Knowing they have a set time for each section, users can better manage their anxiety, as they are aware of how much time they have left for each part of the form.

This is what our new feature is all about! The time limit per section-based feature is a significantly new and better approach to creating timer Google Forms. Especially, if you create multi-section forms, then adding a timer to each section makes it more clear and improves user experience.

This feature is part of the pro-plan that users can use if they subscribe to the ExtendedForms paid plan. If you have any suggestions related to the feature please comment below or reach out to the support team at – [email protected]

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